Timothy S. McIntee.

Chairman of the Board

About Me.

Timothy S. McIntee is a principal and founder of the Alchemist Group, LLC, an international business consulting firm. Prior to that, he served as senior vice president of finance, legal and administration for the multi-national manufacturing company Innovex. He directed the negotiation and operation activities that resulted in the acquisition and divestiture of multiple facilities in China and greater Asia. Mr. McIntee is a certified public accountant and has a law degree. He was an associate and partner in the firm Lindquist & Vennum and remains of counsel with the firm.

He has started three businesses; the first with very limited financial resources, four young children and a supportive full-time mother and wife. His assets were those of true entrepreneurs; a good idea, a determination and willingness to trade hard work and sacrifice for the benefits of tomorrow, a desire to accomplish something of consequence, a sense of belief and hope in the journey, and a little bit of crazy.  Mr. McIntee reports that many life lessons have been gathered along the way, most notably that everyone (especially the entrepreneur) needs and, indeed, desires others to walk with and support them on their journey.

“Platinum Bank was forged by folks, including myself, who quite simply get this; it’s our DNA.  And we know it is a privilege to be able to walk the journey with you. The paradox for us, your banker, is at the end of the day it’s not about the money. It’s about you and us, together.”

— Timothy S. McIntee