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Our Team


Pete Odell

Senior Vice President /
Commercial Relationship Manager


“It’s in my nature to find a solution and be a resource for people. When I can connect entrepreneurs and business owners to solutions, that’s the real win.”

-Pete Odell

About Me

Pete Odell has the ability to put anyone at ease and have a conversation. He has been consistently ranked in the banking industry as a top lending producer for almost 20 years. But awards mean nothing if he doesn’t give customers an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and goals. Whether he is developing a loan structure or exploring credit options, Pete sees real business owners, employees and families behind the money.


Since 2002, Pete has grown lending portfolios and customer loyalty in a range of banking environments and communities: a credit union in Grand Forks, a community bank in Brainerd and two large US-based banking institutions. Regardless of the bank or community, Pete has demonstrated integrity and discernment to build loans around high credit quality and solid customer relationships. At Platinum, Pete continues to focus on growth-minded entrepreneurs who want an attentive banker to steer their financial resources.


That takes commitment. Pete makes himself available to customers while still prioritizing family. He and his wife have four children that include twins, but he is starting to get back some free time for his love of golf and fishing.




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