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Cash Management


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Platinum Remote Deposit

Platinum Remote Deposit service allows you to make deposits into your company’s designated checking account electronically without having to drive to the bank. Platinum Remote provides you with a secure method for timely deposits and desired cash flow. All scanners are provided by Platinum Bank with no charge.

Platinum Cash Sweep

The Platinum Cash Sweep account combines a business checking account with the ease of automatically transferring excess cash (target balance TBD) to an interest bearing account. Your company can maximize its revenue and enjoy limited check writing without having to manually transfer funds between accounts.

ACH Origination

This tool allows your business to reduce payroll-processing costs and control the timing of payments and receivables. ACH Origination enables you to originate electronic transactions for purposes such as direct deposit of payroll, payment of invoices and the timely collection of receivables.

Platinum Line of Credit Sweep

A line of credit is automatically advanced to cover checking account balances less than the target balance and excess checking account balances can be used to automatically pay down the line of credit.

Positive Pay

Positive pay involves a comparison of checks issued to those presented for payment. Platinum Bank receives a list of checks issued by your company and then, as they are presented, the bank verifies the check against those issued and returns any checks not authorized by the company.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Designed primarily for payroll accounts, the ZBA account will sweep funds from your company’s operating account as payroll checks are presented for payment in the payroll account.

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