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Fast Business Tips from Fast 50 Winners

Download a PDF with all the Fast 50 tips.

Platinum Bank is proud to be one of the 50 fastest growing privately held companies in Minnesota,
as ranked on the "Mpls. St. Paul Business Journal's Fast 50" List for 2011.

After just five years in business, we've made the list for the first time at #21! (You have to show
three years of growth to qualify.) To celebrate this achievement of 86.81% growth, we're sharing
fabulous advice gathered from other Fast 50 entrepreneurs. We hope they inspire your vision for 2012.

Build a great team you can rely on. That fuels a lot of success.

—KAM TALEBI, CEO, Crave Restaurants, Fast 50 #1

Be relentless at improving customer service.

—WILLIAM DINAUER, President, LasX Industries, Fast 50 #25

Trust your vision regardless of the economy or competition and stick with it.

—LON LARSON, CPA, President, Bay West, Fast 50 #38

Choose your relationships carefully.

Your leaders should have skin in the game. Ownership is a motivator.

Do more than say yes or no to customers. Research and recommend the best solution for them.

—DAVID ROM, CEO, Platinum Bank, Fast 50 #21

Control your cash; control your business. Work toward financial independence.

—JORG PIERACH, Founder, Fast Horse, Fast 50 #25

Don't chase purple squirrels. Know what you do best and be known for it.

—MICHAEL KOHLER, President/CEO, Milestone Systems, Fast 50 #27

Don't settle with B players and don't hang onto them. Get A players.

—STEVE SOWADA, President, Medcare Products, Fast 50 #10

Recruit people with passion for your business.

—RICK SOREL, President/COO, A'viands, Fast 50 #41

A man who chases two rabbits catches neither. Focus on your best client type.

—CHRIS SCHERMER, President, Schermer Inc., Fast 50 #5

Hire the best. Give people tools to do the job and get out of the way.

—BOB HILDRETH, President, ESP Systems Professionals, Fast 50 #12

Everything you sell has to show value. Innovation means nothing if it doesn't have value to the customer.

—KEVIN FITZPATRICK, President, Medicom Health Interactive, Fast 50 #49

Do things at least 1% better every time. It's the little things that make a difference.

—RICK BORN, CEO, RBA Inc., Fast 50 #14

Be an aggressive networker and keep fostering those relationships after you get the business.

—JENNIFER SMITH, President and CEO, Innovative Office Solutions,
Fast 50 #16

Reinvest in your company and people. Monitor your costs and cash flow always.

—MIKE HANLINE, Co-owner and CEO, White House Custom Colour,
Fast 50 #43

Slow and steady wins the race. Be consistent in your strategy.

—GARY DEAN, President, Synergy Associates, Fast 50 #37

Don't let your eyes get too big. Listen to the sales floor and stay realistic.

—BRAD RIXMANN, Owner and CEO, Pawn America, Fast 50 #33

Create the right business model and have fun following it.

—JEREMY LANGEVIN, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Horizontal Integration, Fast 50 #4