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The Wallaces


"When you come here, you are coming to an extended family. When Platinum says that to us, we get that. We can pick up the phone and talk to the CEO if we need to – and we do."
Prince and Sandra Wallace,
Minnesota entrepreneurs, parents of three
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Big Steer Meats


"Though they are a 'little guy' like me, they have experience and know where to get answers because they listen and learn on the job. They ask themselves 'what would I want?' as a customer and work hard to exceed expectations."
Charlie Cory,
butcher and entrepreneur
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"When we looked for a new bank relationship, we sat through a dozen tired corporate presentations before we met Platinum Bank. Not only did they know what it takes to start a business from scratch, they did something few others did...they listened to us."
Max & Suzanne Duckler,
visionaries making media accessible to all people
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Elite Lift Truck, Inc


"You really feel like you're doing business on a handshake. The truth is that they know my business so well that they can make a decision for me within a day. It took more work up front, but their knowledge helps me take advantage of business opportunities I could never accomplish with another bank. I wish I had switched sooner."
Jim Rassier,
owner of heavy equipment and outdoor power equipment sales, rental and service businesses; proud new dad
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S&S Tree Specialist


"All my friends are calling me and warning me that their banks are changing the terms of their loans and lines. I have a large line at Platinum and it's never changed. Like me, they love customer care."
Steve Sylvester,
tree and landscape health specialist; futurist
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Steel Sales Corp


"Platinum Bank is a small business, like us. But they are also a strong bank with unique ideas in a sea of weak banks. They understand our needs, appreciate what we're doing, and we can trust them to be there when we need them."
Jerry & Kevin Fahey,
father and son metal distributors
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Southview Country Club


"We have a great relationship with people at Platinum Bank. They have great response time - with answers to our questions usually back to us the same day. They are very competitive, flexible and able to make handshake deals to meet our needs. Very impressed."
Mark McCahey,
country club general manager
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Range Systems


"Some years are better than others, but Platinum never gets wobbly legs about it. They look past the formulas and weigh the character of those running the business. They are relationship people and it really shows."
Charlie Baker,
firearms training product manufacturer and dealer; avid golfer
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