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fostering relationships


Prince and Sandra Wallace believe in the bonds of family and of patience. Their values and steady drive have resulted in the acquisition and growth of several different small businesses. Their vision of a succession plan, passing wealth from generation to generation, started about a decade ago – and that's just the beginning. They still consider their children in the business of learning about business. They expect their children and their banking partner to have the same philosophy about relationship and learning: they are long-term commitments.

The Wallaces place a high value on customer intimacy with their customers and from all of their business advisors. Platinum Bank's relationship style of banking through their experienced bankers and business-focused services matched the Wallace's vision. Their banker must be in tune with the family's values and should care about the success of their businesses as much as they do.

Platinum Bank's participation in the Wallace's home construction loan as well as their role as a business banker – handling a corporate account, providing convenient remote deposit and establishing a line of credit that fits the cash flow needs of a $10 million highly diverse environmental consulting business – proved to the Wallaces that Platinum had the flexibility for small businesses and understanding of customer intimacy that they demand. Even though Platinum is located 150 miles from the company's headquarters, their level of service makes it feel like they're next door. "We can't afford to train in a new banker every six months. We expect more."