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people first


In 1919, just to the west and up the bluff from the booming stockyards along the Mississippi River, sixteen civic-minded leaders from South and West St. Paul pooled their resources to purchase 126 acres of land they would shape into a pillar of the social, business and sporting circles of the East Metro. These founding members of Southview Country Club started in motion an enterprise that would successfully ride the financial waves of the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, multiple wars, and the eventual decline of the neighboring stockyards - all the while serving as a hub of commerce and social activity, a prolific employer for the community, and the site of some incredible golf.

While the clubhouse has seen multiple renovations from the original, rustic fieldstone barn, times haven't really changed all that much at Southview. In the mid-seventies, a new group of members rallied, as their predecessors did 50 years before, to reinvest in the club and form the partnership that today ensures that the leadership of the club is in the hands of its members and that the club continues on its civic-minded path. For its members, the club is a haven offering unmatched facilities and dining options.

For the community, the club shares its course with local schools and non-profits. The Tapemark Charity Pro-Am has taken place at Southview for nearly 40 years and has raised more than $6.5 Million in operating funds for local charities.

General manager Mark McCahey - who started on the grounds of the club in his younger years - has now been with Southview for 38 years and knows that the key to their success has always been its people. "With many golf options in the area, when people ask 'why Southview?' and the answer is our membership - and our service staff. It begins and ends with our people."

This same idea holds true for Platinum Bank - with which Southview conducts all of its banking. Service-minded staff and insightful leaders with reserves of knowledge - and strategic connections - drive both of these enterprises to make real connections with their clients and ensure long-term success to stay the course.