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Above the echoes of the metal cutting guillotines at Steel Sales Corporation, the voice of Jerry Fahey rings out with a warm welcome... "Fahey's the name, steel's the game." This timeless, friendly greeting and the handshake that comes with it are a big reason why the Fahey family has been successful for nearly 50 years in an old-world industry that has seen tremendous change.

While global sources have overtaken much of the U.S. steel production in the market in recent decades, local demand for stainless and galvanized steels, copper, aluminum and other metals remains strong. The Faheys have carved out a niche being the most reliable distributor in the region. Manufacturing and ag-related industries in Minnesota and Wisconsin (think truck builders and dairy farms) rely on Steel Sales to carry the varied products they need and to be able to deliver to meet their schedules.

"There is one boss at Steel Sales: the customer. They count on us to provide reliable, timely service and fair prices. To do that we buy smart within our consortium, keep close track of our inventory - and we have more trucks than employees," kids the younger, Kevin Fahey, who, like his dad, has been in the steel industry since high school.

Steel Sales and Platinum Bank are two small businesses of like mind: both have keen understandings of the needs of their local customers; both can be trusted to know their customers by name, not by number; and both can be relied upon to be there when needed.