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establishing roots


When some say it can't be done, Steve Sylvester begs to differ. He knows trees and the signs of what lies beneath the soil. If you care for the root system, a tree can fight off disturbances and infestations above the soil. The healthy and mature oak trees around Platinum Bank were preserved thanks to Mr. Sylvester's knowledge and belief that extra care and concern makes a difference.

As owner of the largest locally and family owned tree care and property maintenance company in the Twin Cities, Mr. Sylvester and his sons Louie and Tony have established a strong root system. S&S thrives with the involvement of Mr. Sylvester's wife, Debbie, daughters, Karla and Tammy, Louie's wife, Anne, four brothers-in-law and several cousins. He was intrigued by the idea of a business bank that didn't cut corners in the look and feel of its facility. Some of the oak that couldn't be spared was used inside the bank, just like Mr. Sylvester recycles and resells 100% of his wood remnants from projects. He became a customer as soon as Platinum opened its doors.

The bankers at Platinum don't question when Mr. Sylvester draws on his line. They come to him to service his loans, accounts or credit needs. They advise him on things like choosing a COO and planning for his sons to assume leadership. They schedule lunch — just to check in. "Businesses don't want to be with bankers who are afraid. Platinum fulfills everything we need because they're healthy and focused on the health of our family business."