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Marc L. Cove

651-332-5222 Phone   |   651-332-5223 Fax
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"I love community involvement and turning the economic wheel. Banking is the best place for me to do that. I'll never be that lender who is too important for a smaller loan. That small loan could lead to a franchise in the right hands."

Marc Cove, 41, has the high energy of a salesman with a career in banking that spans the last 17 years, first with David Rom at MidAmerica Bank and more recently as Vice President with Western Bank in St. Paul, MN. Friends and colleagues for years, David and Marc often talked about starting their own bank. When David officially approached him, however, Marc recalls that he didn't have a lot of interest in leaving Western. That is, until his father, a retired 3M executive, gave him some interesting feedback.

"I told him that if I wasn't in this great environment at Western, I would do it in a minute. He said, 'It's great that you feel so fortunate. You lead with your heart and you should be proud of that. Maybe when you go home you'll think with your brain.' He was saying that you only have so many opportunities to do something drastically different."

Marc sees his job as packaging the same dollars that every other bank offers, but in a way that adds value to a customer's business and personal goals. His love of business lends a strategic focus to every transaction, going beyond the initial need to advise customers on the multiple roles they play. He is personally rewarded by the impact those successful businesses make in a community, establishing a strong economic foundation, and giving back.

Marc's true passion is in community development, evident from his current and past leadership positions with the Oakdale Business and Professional Association, the City of Oakdale, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and others.

"People are the building blocks of all communities. Whether it is a deployed soldier out protecting our way of life or a child preparing for college to become our next small business owner, done right we can have a very big impact through our service."

Supporting a thriving community by understanding and helping to shape customer goals, Marc defines his role at Platinum as stewardship.

  • Vice President, Western Bank, St. Paul, MN, 1998-2006
  • Teller to Credit Administrator and Branch Manager, MidAmerica Bank, 1991-1998
  • B.S., Business Administration, University of Minnesota, 1992
  • President, Co-Action Academic Resources
  • Director, District 622 Communities Partnership
  • Director, MinnBank PAC
  • Director and Past President, Oakdale Business and Professional Association
  • Former Chair, Washington County Workforce Investment Board
  • Former Chair, Oakdale Economic Development Commission
  • Former School Board Member, Treasurer and Vice Chair, District 622, 2003-2008
  • Marc and his wife, Carol, have two boys, 13 and 16, and enjoy boating, walking, youth athletics, anything Disney, volunteering at the school and attending school activities. They are all big Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Gopher Hockey fans.